The Ultimate Publisher CMS by Adtile Technologies

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Beautiful all-in-one publisher design system that brings mini-app economy to life.

With the all-new white label Publisher Enterprise CMS from Adtile Technologies, you can get to market quickly with your own branded publisher app, and connect with your customers across the vast mobile landscape. Whether you are Telecom, Operator, Chat App, Media Company or Government agency, we got you covered. No other mobile creative hub is so effortless and natural, It’s unique solutions that lets you focus on what you’re creating — not what you’re creating with.

Technical specs

• Full white-label support

• No design or coding skills required.

• All video formats: Square, Cinematic, Vertical, 360

• Gif support

• Baked-in graphics animation

• Overlay graphics support.

• Full-screen text editing.

• Rich text editor.

• Full font support.

• Color picker and Rich styling features.

• Localization and Publisher editor language support: English, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Arabic and more.

• App Store deep-linking capability.

• Maps deep-linking capability.

• 10 000+ device, OS and webview configuration support.

• Automatic template quality assurance testing systems.

• Universal standard, fast delivery.

• Design guidelines.

• And much more.

Find out how Adtile Technologies can help your organization with flexible Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA). Contact an Adtile representative at + 1 (858) 349 2055 or or visit

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Motion Store 2.0

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In this latest update, we overhauled the Motion Store patented core technologies, including the MotionStack that powers all Adtile-designed templates, reduced template file-size for faster loading, grown our device, OS, and browser reach by thousands with new device and sensors testing automation methods.

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Design one.
Share everywhere.

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Motion Store makes it possible for anyone to design beautiful and sophisticated experiences on the fly. We’ve designed our template framework to include the perfect pairings of Adtile native design and device sensors. In all cases, the result is a seamless, natural and engaging app-like user experience.

For more information about Adtile Motion Store and software licensing process, email or visit

Motion Store brings unique mini-app economy to life

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Motion Store brings new forward-looking Adtile sensor technologies and unique mini-app economy to life. Everything is designed to look beautiful and work beautifully.

Bring the magic to life with over 100 unique Motion Store mini-apps. It’s why there’s nothing else like a Motion Store. Talk about modern art.

All-new Adtile Video and Graphics Experience that render you speechless. More intuitive, more intelligent. All at maximum velocity.

…And boy, have we patented it.

For more information about Adtile Motion Store and software licensing process, email or visit

Motion Store 2.0

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Tremendous amount of innovation packed in one simple form.

A powerful and patented design system built on Adtile technologies. The Motion Store combines the intricacies of all mobile sensors to deliver delightful user experiences. No other mobile creative hubs is so seamlessly unique and fundamentally intuituve. Learn more

Create experiences that take you to new worlds.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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Designed for Designer

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Technology beyond sensors

360 video has never been so smooth. Adtile’s patented Motion Technology makes sure interactions–such as rotating the device, pitching the device, tilting the device–are as smooth and as seamless as possible, with zero latency. Accurate orientation and motion processing are accomplished by combining outputs from at least three sensors: the accelerometer, the gyroscope and the magnetometer, which are embedded directly into Adtile 360 video player to create a one of a kind motion accuracy, quality and scale not seen before in 360º videos on mobile browsers.

We’ve already tested our 360° video player on hundreds of devices, debugging our software and ensuring it will work for you. In fact, Adtile 360 currently supports over 600 software and hardware configurations.

Adtile 360 is available on the Motion Store

For more information about Adtile Motion Store and software licensing process, email or visit