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Adtile MotionStack® is a software library written in JavaScript to provide consistent access to motion sensors across web and native APIs for motion processing and gesture recognition that is the product of over six years of research and development.

It is quality tested manually and programmatically to function across hundreds of device configurations, operating systems, and mobile web browsers. The quality improvement can be seen in the video below, where MotionStack® APIs are used instead of standard browser motion sensors.

MotionStack® is designed to be used for a broad variety of motion-interactive experiences, from registering simple gestures for navigating through a project, to automatic compass calibration, to powering immersive and three-dimensional augmented and virtual reality environments. Not only does the MotionStack® use hardware sensor events and accelerated transitions for the best possible quality, scale, and performance, but it also has a really tiny footprint (under 17 KB Gzipped).

Extensive documentation for using MotionStack® can be found at Included in licensing MotionStack® is limited-usage of the patented Sensor Control Switch (US patent #9,578,493 and US patent #9,910,057), which serves as the foundation for the quality of the MotionStack® motion processing.

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