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Video for mobile comes in a variety of different aspect ratios and sizes. The mobile device screen is extremely versatile allowing the user to easily manipulate video playback. The screen can be rotated to play video as full screen portrait, tall and thin, or landscape, short and wide. With the touch of a finger, video can be zoomed, panned, and stretched. In addition, some applications prefer specific aspect ratios such as square dimensions.

The all-new Adtile Mixed-Media templates afford the designer to fit these disparate video dimensions in one cohesive project in an intuitive and visually appealing way. This allows organizations to reuse their existing collections of videos in their project.

New features for designers. New experiences for you.

Systemwide improvements in Motion Store let designers create experiences that are more useful and more playful than ever. With Motion Store, you have the opportunity to deliver an extraordinary product, literally in minutes.

For more information about Adtile Motion Store and software licensing process, email info@adtile.me or visit https://www.adtile.me/motion-store/

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