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SpinMagic Lets People Draw in Playful AR Using Only an iPhone

Adtile Technologies, a company known for its industry leading creative cloud Motion Store, today announced the release of SpinMagic. SpinMagic turns your phone into a virtual paint brush capturing your spatial 3D movement into cool moments that can then be shared in photos or seven second videos through messaging and social media. The iPhone app is available in the App Store.

In a world crowded with VR/AR apps and headsets, SpinMagic is unique in its ability to give users easy access to creative and playful AR experiences with zero friction using the technology they already have and love–their iPhone. As users move their iPhones in the world around them, SpinMagic records the movement in real-time on the iPhone screen as a line which can be viewed in a 3D space.

Using SpinMagic’s animation filters, users can change the original AR line they drew into glitter, butterflies flapping their wings, hearts that twirl, and much more. The 3D graphics can be added to a photo or seven second video, allowing users full control over creating unique spatial animations. As you move your video camera around, the 3D image moves as well, highlighting different views in the video. Once you have captured the video or photograph you can choose from several different filters. The user is fully in charge of creating the spatial animations for greater storytelling through movement in the world around the user.

“We are adding artistic flair into something very abstract. The user doesn’t need to know how to draw in air. The app literally does the magic by itself. SpinMagic turns your space into playful masterpieces of self-expression.” said Nils Forsblom, founder of SpinMagic and Adtile Technologies.

SpinMagic was developed using Adtile’s MotionStack, the company’s core technology built to simplify the development process of sensor-based motion experiences on mobile devices. MotionStack works with sensors in smartphones designed for very specific tasks–such as understanding very accurate device orientation, or counting your steps–and developed a new way to create art through movement while capturing it on your mobile device.

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