Introducing the Adtile Motion Store

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Introducing the Adtile Motion Store

Movements, gestures, motions and the sensory hardware. That’s the future of programmatic mobile creative, and we want to democratize it. That’s why we created the Adtile Motion Store, a way for virtually anyone to build sophisticated Motion Ads designed specifically for a world on the move.

Captivating Experience to Complement the Hardware

Elegant sensor-enabled Motion Ads are changing the way people think about mobile advertising. No longer is the consumer a trapped, passive observer. Instead, by twisting, tilting, shaking or otherwise playing with the ad—which is more like a tiny app—the consumer becomes part of the creative and device agnostic experience.

Quantity meets Quality

Motion Store makes it possible for anyone to build these delightful yet sophisticated ads on the fly. Modeled after Apple’s App Store, where you go to buy apps, the Motion Store is where you go to choose from hundreds of pre-coded Motion Ad experiences (we are adding more all the time). We’ve designed these templates to include the perfect pairings of design and motion. In all cases, the result is a seamless, natural and engaging end-user experience.

Typically, building a complex rich media mobile ad from scratch can take weeks of back and forth and can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. But the Motion Store allows you to create an ad in literally minutes. No coding is required and the templates eliminate the endless iterations and experimentation so often associated with all rich media mobile ad development.

Creating an ad in the Motion Store is a straightforward process. Select the user experience template you want. Now add your own creative and storytelling. Some customization is possible. You can edit images, text, fonts, transitions, spacing, links and even add video and sound files. When you’re done, you can test out the ad on your phone or tablet.

Introducing the Adtile Motion Store

Once you are satisfied with your ad, Motion Store will automatically generate a responsive HTML5 build for iOS and Android that works on any mobile browser or screen size. You can also request standard mobile web or MRAID tags for your ad server.

Analytics are baked right in. Through your account dashboard, you can view details of your campaign along with a variety of real-time performance metrics, such as unique views, actions, engagement time, engagement rates, and much more. At anytime during your campaign, you can tweak your ad, making adjustments along the way.

How does the Motion Store compare to an HTML5 ad builder? We get that question all the time. The answer: Two completely different animals. An HTML5 ad builder is a simple editing tool that allows you to create ads via drag-and-drop rich media widgets and features. You have to come up with your own custom user experience and design, and adding any type of sensory element requires extensive customization.

On the other hand, the Motion Store is all about ready-made experiences that are based on Adtile’s design guidelines. What’s more, Motion Store ad templates are built on Adtile’s proprietary Motion Technology, which uses sophisticated algorithms to interpret a mobile device’s sensory data and respond with precise dynamic visual feedback.

Check out the Motion Store yourself. If you are interested, contact us and we’ll send you back instructions on how to get started.

Start developing for Motion Store

Mobile DSP? Mobile ad network? Publisher? Do you want to deep integrate your service with Motion Store? Get in touch. We’ll help guide you in the right direction and provide you with additional resources you may need along the way.

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