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Press Release, March 17th, 2015

Adtile Technologies today announced its new mobile software plat­form, Adtile VR, which allows users to experience virtual reality on smartphones without the need for special goggles or any other exter­nal hardware. This new software creates an easy-to-use, smooth and natural experience for real-time motion simulations. By incorporating Adtile VR into native or web-based apps users can walk through a digital space, turning left and right, as well as looking up and down, and with the use of touch controls interact.

“With mobile being the largest computing medium of all times, VR capabilities need to be mainstream and additional hardware makes scaling hard. Since Adtile Mobile VR does not rely on any ancillary equipment, the application possibilities are endless.”

“Adtile VR is a composition of physics, math, computer science and art that goes far beyond advertising. It is new creative medium for smartphones allowing deve­lopers can go truly beyond the edges of the phone for the first time.”

– Nils Forsblom, CEO and founder, Adtile Technologies

There are three distinct ranges of motion for mobile devices—short, medium, and long range. Adtile Technologies developed sophisticated algorithms using smartphone sensor technology to accurately capture the correct scale and sensitivity of the motion. This new breed of tech­nology is called Space Sensing Mobile VR Technology.

Adtile VR’s blend of short-range, arms-length, gestures with medium to long-range motions allow for accurate physical movement in virtual space. Therefore users can have a real connection with surroundings and content on their smartphones. Space Sensing Mobile VR Tech­nology can be used in many different and varied industries including publishing, fashion, real estate, retail, entertainment, automotive, science and more.

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Located in San Diego, California, Adtile is a pioneer and developer of motion engagement and virtual reality technology for smartphones and tablets. We are working with leading technology companies and Fortune 500 brands. Adtile is on a quest to transform mobile adverti­sing. We believe the best way to revolutionize mobile ads is to create an entirely new design that embraces the needs of mobile users by making it part of the user experience. We’ve created a mobile-first advertising solution from the ground up—challenging assumptions about how ads work and redesigning it for a world on the move. More information is available at:

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