The Definition of Native Mobile Advertising

Nils Forsblom
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We all know that native ads must behave consistently with the user expe­rience and design. But is it anything really new? At Adtile, we have simplified our native solutions into 4 clear segments—the quintessential parts.

  • Hardware Agnostic:
  • Platform Agnostic:
    Native code
  • Application Agnostic:
    Design and experience
  • Context Agnostic:
    Contextually relevant
Native Mobile Advertising

On their own, some of these segments may work extremely well in terms of app installs or other type of platform agnostic engagements. But once they all work together, they create a more dynamic relationship between individual elements and a better, more delightful and personalized experience for the user. Storytelling in the true essence of the word, is back.

Your audience awaits. Tell a story.

Nils Forsblom

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