Adtile Kinetic Ads Project for Smartwatches

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Kinetic Ads™ encompass a variety of overlapping Adtile Motion Ad technologies and designs to elevate the storytelling. They are designed to automatically connect with beacons, NFCs and other sensors around the user. Instead of just delivering another way of doing native advertising, we give a beautiful motion-rich experience that brings something delightful and useful to the users.

The Adtile Kinetic Ads interface is purposely simple. Anything that doesn’t add value has been entirely cleaned away, and the focus is on what matters most: The Experience.

Kinetic Ads Project for Smartwatches
We think of smartwatches as a secondary device. Something where people can retrieve and digest small pieces of information on the go. The form and function of advertising has to be useful and location aware to make sense on a tiny screen.

We at Adtile are passionate about building a powerful next generation mobile ad computing platform, that enables to take advantage of all of the devices sensor’s coupled with real world data to breathe life into them.

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