Introducing Weather Aware Ads

Nils Forsblom
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Since the launch of Adtile Motion Ads we’ve been continuously developing them to be more aware of the real world. Today, we’re excited to introduce Weather Aware Ads.

Weather is universal—sun, rain, wind, snow or just beautiful days have the power to change our moods and emotions. We didn’t approach the weather as a mere targeting option, we saw it as the perfect fit for the Motion Ads and their human centric design.

Adtile Weather Aware Ads

Not only can advertisers match the current weather with brand stories based on user’s location, but they can also use it as a method for predicting the future, engaging with something that will surprise and delight people. We believe that weather feature is going to be a great source of inspiration for creating new brand experiences—whether they are to drive commerce, brand awareness, app installs or other forms of engagement.

Weather has never been more beautiful.

Nils Forsblom

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