Motion Ads In LBMA’s Latest Podcast

Nils Forsblom
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Location Based Marketing Association covered our new Motion Ad technology in their latest podcast, check it out:

We are currently working on the next iteration of Motion Ads that will make them more aware of real world around the user, which will resonate back to the advertiser as new user experience targeting features.

We all know that mobile advertising needs to be dramatically different from current industry standards. Static in-stream ads in vertically scrolling feeds are not the real answer. We’re also familiar with current interactive ads on the web—they’re interactive, but not really capable of delivering emotion.

With Adtile, we want to change all that. We want to bring mobile advertising to a level where it doesn’t feel like advertising anymore, but a beautiful brand experience—something that people can truly relate to. We want to set a new bar for mobile ad user experience and deliver something unique, where there’s not always click required. That’s Adtile’s core mission. That’s why we exist.

To learn more about Adtile Motion Ads, check out our previous article.

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