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Currently, most of the players in the mobile advertising space have lowered the standard of mobile ads because they truly don’t understand intuit form and beauty of the medium. The dismal practice of just slapping a crappy 300x50 banners into a tiny screens or badly inserting in-stream ads into apps and websites and calling them native is their “best answer.”

These ads represent the current state of the art in mobile advertising – and they just don’t work. Few people interact with them. In surveys, four out of five people report disliking them. Today’s smartphones are incredibly sophisticated from their hardware to software, yet the mobile advertising industry has not made much progress. Innovating from the ancient banner and display jungle that hijack and annoy us on our mobile screens on daily basis has been a real challenge due to the poor quality standards offered by industry leaders and organizations.

At Adtile, we believe that the potential for mobile is so much more. We want to give publishers a beautiful and eloquent end-to-end ad serving and creation experience for their brands and clients by focusing more on the user experience. This gives users and publishers full control over what happens, allowing results to resonate back to advertisers – after all its only good karma.

To accomplish this, we have redesigned mobile ads from the ground up

We started by making a design desk and offering guidelines on how the ads should look like. This guarantees great quality, which ultimately leads to the best possible outcome for all – brands, publishers, and the end users. After all, the mobile screen is such a limited and content sensitive space. Ads are almost always over-designed, completely unreadable, over pixelated and have too many messages in a very small space.

With simple guidelines, we also make sure that the ads have specific safe areas to ensure responsiveness, and that they look beautiful in any context. While our ads match the form & function of any mobile app or site, they also tend to draw in the user, thus making them more effective. Adtile’s design desk also allows for changes mid-campaign, such as testing multiple versions of the same ad, testing different campaigns, or using the metrics we provide to gauge success.


A New take on mobile ad presentation

We have taken a completely different approach to building Adtile’s SDK, compared to the rest of the industry. Instead of taking over your application or website, we embrace it and extend it without harming design or hurting the user experience. Not only do you get the best possible performance and speed due to Adtile’s proprietary technology, but you get a look and feel that matches your beautiful application or website.

We provide SDKs for both Mobile Web and iOS. Each SDK embraces it’s host platform and is 100% natively built for it. The user experience has been specifically designed for each platform so that it blends in seamlessly, feels smooth and works just right.

Adtile’s design elements are easily customizable to match your application or website. Launch an ad from any action you choose, or display beautiful and native in-stream ads with ease. Choose from multiple pre-built and elegant presentation styles, or design your own – after all, its your app.

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PS: We are also working on something called “Motion Ad” and “Silent Interaction”—You’ll hear from us soon!

With Adtile, we’re slightly obsessed of redefining people’s broken relationship with mobile advertising by re-imagining the entire medium, and we are just getting started!

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