Fully Automated

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The Motion Store® is a fully automated ‘conveyor belt’ for mobile creatives that guarantees quality, consistency, beauty and performance on any mobile device.

The self-service design platform dramatically reduces creative execution time, allowing designers to turn their ideas into beautifully published stories in minutes without software developers, project managers or technical quality assurance teams. Everything has been thoughtfully built around full automation and exceptional quality with vast scale in mind.

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Freeform Blueprints

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Thoughtfully Crafted Freeform Blueprints - Just Add New Pages.

Incredibly simple to use Freeform Blueprints from Adtile Technologies. No coding or technical QA required. Everything works automatically across hundreds of mobile device configurations, operating systems, and mobile web browsers. The most sophisticated multi-sensory, augmented reality, virtual reality, and video creations are ready to be published literally in minutes.

Our pre-designed mobile framework is built right into the design editor and can be easily utilized—all on your own terms. Unlike any other creative cloud, Motion Store is loaded with powerful built-in automated features so you can start creating right out of the box.

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Your Motion Store.
Augmented with Reality.

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Motion Sensors + AR + Photography + Motion Store + Play = Serious Fun!

The combined art of AR, motion sensors, and photography. The real world is about to get really silly! You can immerse yourself in entertainment like you never imagined.

Shake and create AR magic out of thin air. No coding or technical QA required. It just works.

Take full advantage of Adtile’s unique camera and motion software features to make magic in just minutes. Our pre-designed AR framework is built right into Motion Store and can be easily utilized—all on your own terms. Share your creation with a friend or the world.

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Your Motion Store. Elevated.

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With all-new features, Motion Store dramatically improves the most important aspects of the self-service design experience. It introduces advanced and simple template navigation system, designer editor support for 11 languages, all-new beautiful templates for dynamic video, and system-wide updates to the core MotionStack sensory software that powers all Adtile native formats and Motion Store templates. It brings your mobile designs to life in more intelligent and expressive ways than ever.

Advanced Motion Store® template navigation system.

MotionStack® v1.2.0. The most powerful motion software ever.

MotionStack is a motion processing library developed by Adtile Technologies that allows you to integrate motion and spatial computing into your own web and native applications. It is quality tested to function automatically across thousands of hardware, operating system, and mobile web browser configurations. MotionStack is supported: Apple iOS 7.0+, Android Chrome 4.1+, Android Stock 4.1+.

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Adtile Motion Recorder

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Adtile MotionStack® Recorder. Motion cassettes are used to troubleshoot device sensor data across the vast landscape of hardware, operating systems, browsers, and their versions.

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