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Introducing Adtile Touch Experience

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Adtile touch experiences are human-to-human, brand connected ads that are aimed for long engagement times due to ever changing audience participation and the surprise effect at the end.

In order to activate the ad and get the reward, user has to press and hold until the end of the story. The elevated engagement, human connection and game-like use case benefits the brand and makes the user experience feel less like advertising, but rather an ambient interaction with other people. Touch experience is designed to fit Adtile’s Motion Ad technology, which makes it easy to add more interactive elements to the story flow—the possibilities are endless.

Mobile advertising matters to the success of any great company today. It creates a culture of brand innovation and sets the creative standards higher.

Adtile Touch Experience

The Definition of Native Mobile Advertising

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We all know that native ads must behave consistently with the user expe­rience and design. But is it anything really new? At Adtile, we have simplified our native solutions into 4 clear segments — the quintessential parts.

  • Hardware Agnostic:
  • Platform Agnostic:
    Native code
  • Application Agnostic:
    Design and experience
  • Context Agnostic:
    Contextually relevant
Native Mobile Advertising

On their own, some of these segments may work extremely well in terms of app installs or other type of platform agnostic engagements. But once they all work together, they create a more dynamic relationship between individual elements and a better, more delightful and personalized experience for the user. Storytelling in the true essence of the word, is back.

Your audience awaits. Tell a story.

The Art of Mobile Advertising

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We at Adtile have a core philosophy that focusing on the end user will ultimately resonate back to the advertiser and publisher as great results. In order to win over customers’ hearts, you need to deliver a simple, beautiful and emotional experience. Even the best mobile ad targeting technology in the world can’t deliver results if the experience is too weak, over designed or too complex.


The great benchmark for mobile ads lies in minimalism. The concept of minimalism is to strip everything down to its essential quality and achieve simplicity. The idea is not completely without ornamentation, but that all parts, details and joinery are considered as reduced to a stage where no one can remove anything further to improve the design. Learning from minimalism will force us to keep creatives constrained when it comes to wording and graphics on small displays.

When creating mobile ads, remember that people are not searching for ads on their mobile devices, but looking for new experiences and entertainment. Our world moves at a feverish pace. We are too hurried, too rushed, and too impatient. Give people something they truly want to experience. Keep things clear and understandable.

It takes time to create something meaningful. Simplify, create a connection. Minimalist marketing transcends both online and offline — it’s everywhere around us, and it’s here to stay.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.
       — Hans Hofmann

Adtile Kinetic Ads in LBMA’s Podcast

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Location Based Marketing Association covered our new Kinetic and Motion Ad technology in their latest podcast, check it out:

To learn more about Adtile Kinetic Ads, check out our previous article.

Adtile Kinetic Ads Project for Smartwatches

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Kinetic Ads™ encompass a variety of overlapping Adtile Motion Ad technologies and designs to elevate the storytelling. They are designed to automatically connect with beacons, NFCs and other sensors around the user. Instead of just delivering another way of doing native advertising, we give a beautiful motion-rich experience that brings something delightful and useful to the users.

The Adtile Kinetic Ads interface is purposely simple. Anything that doesn’t add value has been entirely cleaned away, and the focus is on what matters most: The Experience.

Kinetic Ads Project for Smartwatches
We think of smartwatches as a secondary device. Something where people can retrieve and digest small pieces of information on the go. The form and function of advertising has to be useful and location aware to make sense on a tiny screen.

We at Adtile are passionate about building a powerful next generation mobile ad computing platform, that enables to take advantage of all of the devices sensor’s coupled with real world data to breathe life into them.

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Introducing Weather Aware Ads

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Since the launch of Adtile Motion Ads we’ve been continuously developing them to be more aware of the real world. Today, we’re excited to introduce Weather Aware Ads.

Weather is universal — sun, rain, wind, snow or just beautiful days have the power to change our moods and emotions. We didn’t approach the weather as a mere targeting option, we saw it as the perfect fit for the Motion Ads and their human centric design.

Adtile Weather Aware Ads

Not only can advertisers match the current weather with brand stories based on user’s location, but they can also use it as a method for predicting the future, engaging with something that will surprise and delight people. We believe that weather feature is going to be a great source of inspiration for creating new brand experiences — whether they are to drive commerce, brand awareness, app installs or other forms of engagement.

Weather has never been more beautiful.